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Deep thoughts on this our Independence Day

I had the occasion today to have a conversation with a bright young man, still in the process of putting on the pants of adulthood. The conversation revolved around our shared belief of where this country is headed and what we thought should be done to secure our ability to exist in the changing political and ideological landscape.

We shared the observation that this country is no longer suffering the frog-in-a-pot syndrome, but rather has flashed into the snowballing effect, and the snowball is bright flashing neon. We discussed the mutual desire to be able to support ourselves and our families as the structure of the economy continues to morph.

At one point in the conversation, the young man commented that he firmly believed that our current president could not be reelected. He felt that there was no way for the current administration to win. I thought about this for a moment, then I shared my doubts regarding that thought with him. Here is that doubt…

From a biblical perspective, the Lord sets up kings and removes them according to His will. Leaders, whether good, bad, or somewhere in between all serve to fulfill His purpose. This is just the framework for my thought. Now the meat.

Two weeks ago, we, as a nation, waited breathlessly for the supreme court to rule on whether or not the Health Care Mandate was constitutional. Between the signals put out by the court in their examination of the law and the talking heads of the media, this law was done for. No need to imagine our surprise when the law was upheld by the court. But the most surprising thing was that, according to the press, CJ Roberts changed his position from against to for the law at the last minute, providing the swing vote required to uphold. It happened in the blink of an eye. Nobody in their right mind saw this coming. Even our president was preparing a requiem for the death of the bill. But none was necessary, and now we have the first major socialist mandate in American history as well as the largest tax hike in the history of the world.

Now apply this sort of a timeline to the election cycle. The talking heads are telling us that Obama is sucking wind behind Romney, or rather, anybody but himself. He is hard up for funds. His base for the most part is bailing on him. The SEIU will not be providing any financing this time around. House Democrats are jumping ship. And as for the right? Supposedly, the Supreme Court ruling ‘”…awakened a sleeping giant.” This is all encouraging, but what happens on election day?

Returning to the biblical perspective, I believe that the moral and spiritual position of a nation is gauged by two thing; the voice of the people and the actions of the leadership. Considering how far off of the REAL moral compass and spiritual foundation this nation has slid, it stands to reason that our current leadership is exactly what we asked for and precisely what we deserve. I believe that the only thing that could possibly secure the election of a new president and revitalize the growth of this great nation is the entire nation falling on it’s face as one people, and asking God for his forgiveness and mercy. Otherwise, we can believe in whatever outcome we want up to the day of the cast vote, but the outcome may be a mirror image of the decision regarding the Health Care Mandate… completely unexpected and unforeseen.

It is based on this philosophy that I believe that the current administration may very well walk us into the next four years. After all, the hearts of so many in this country have become callous and hateful. The nation is wounded, and this wound is such a deep division of flesh that it may never heal. Even if it does, the healing would most likely prove septic and never complete.

As went Rome, so go we…