Robber’s Fire… Local

Nothing worse when your fairly new to living out in the sticks and, coming home from work, You see a massive column of smoke over what looks like the next hill. According to YubaNet, it turns out to be about 2 miles NE of Colfax (good 20 miles from here). Scanner is lit up like a Christmas tree. Bombers are flying over our house at high frequency. And it’s 98* outside. God be with those firefighters.


Now according to YubaNet (see above link) the fire has spread to approximately 100 acres. From my back deck, I thought it was near out. Now I notice that the smoke column has laid over and shifted to an northerly direction of travel. Trees are blocking the view though.


Seems that as of 10:00 pm last night, the fire was hovering around 200 acres. At that time, YubaNet was reporting 20% containment. Hoping everyone out there is safe.


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