The eagle and the rat…

I am eluding to a poster that hung on my uncles wall when I was a kid. The eagle is swooping down on a rat, and the rat is just sitting there on his butt, waiting, while defiantly giving the eagle ‘the bird’. We the people would be the eagle. The U.N. and current administration would be the rat.

Isoroku Yamamoto was the commander-in-chief of the Imperial Japanese Nave during WWII. He has been credited with the statement, “Japan would never invade the United States. We would find a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Though the statement has never been officially confirmed, it would most definitely be considered a spark of wisdom.

Weather or not the statement was authentic, the U.N., along with some allies for the cause in our nation’s leadership have decided to buy a lawn mower. tells of the tune of gun control that’s marching on from the U.N. Seems the usual suspects in the Capitol are working very hard to implement the Global Small Arms Treaty this year to fulfill a pledge from Hillary Clinton. This would possibly be known as the current administration’s last great act of defiance. The rat giving the eagle the bird.

According to, Soros and his zombie brigade is funding the heck out of this. (I know. I must be a nut to cite the Alex Jones Gang to make a point, but even the most grounded newsie has to admit that not all conspiracies are theory.)

Nationally, the administration has to be worried about the recent uptick in gun stocks as well as the mad rush in firearm/ammo sales that started in November of ’08… right after the elections. But on the globalist scale, the banditos at the U.N. have made no effort in hiding the fact that they want to kill our sovereignty and mount it’s head on the general assembly’s wall.

To be honest, with the track record of executive orders and sneaky legislation creations, I must say that I’m not rightly sure exactly how the gun lobby can beat this. Just keep the FBI statistics in mind regarding gun sales .vs. violent crime, and remember the old adage… ‘When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.




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