Slavery lives in America.

Slavery is alive and well. Yes, angry rich men of African descent, you are still slaves. Not to the white plantation owner, but to the idea that you are still slaves, and the thought that because of this, you are somehow suffering. And I gueess it’s all our fault.

Via Twitchy…

Shameful: Aaron Sorkin, Left celebrate Independence Day by slamming America; Update: Chris Rock joins in: ‘Happy white peoples independence day’; Don Cheadle laughs along; Zach Braff piles on | Twitchy.


Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren’t free but I’m sure they enjoyed fireworks

So says Chris Rock. Sorry to hear that you never benefited from the freedom of this great nation, and that you are so unfairly oppressed by your massa. But it’s a good thing you can hide in your limo and bury your face in all that money and cry yourself to sleep. At least you have the small comforts.



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